Guest Comments – Terry & Susan Knight

We love when our guests share their thoughts & favorite memories with us. It always brightens our day! Thank you Terry & Susan for sharing, you will forever be a part of the Namale Family!


Susan and I would like to say thank you, but that could never be enough. Each and every staff member touched our lives in so many different ways that we would never be able to repay you for your loving kindness. Susan and I have traveled many places in the world, but none can come close to Namale. It was always so wonderful to wake up to” Bula” every morning and see each one of your happy smiles. We hope the each and every one of you remember that you are an important part of the Namle from the front desk to the restaurant and kitchen…..From the scuba center to maintenance and the individual grounds keepers….. A smile and “Bula” from the ladies at the front desk to the Bula cart drivers and administration, each of you made a significant impact on our lives while at Namale. It has been a sincere honor to have meet each and every one possible at the resort.

We wish each of you and your family members the favor of God and that he may continue to bless your lives.

Until we meet again in the future… No worries.

Terry and Susan Knight

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