Authentic Fijian Meke

meke at Namale Fijimeke at Namale Fiji

In Fijian culture, the meke is a traditional dance held at important functions for visiting dignitaries and in celebration. Namale Resort & Spa regularly schedules a meke for the entertainment of our guests. Since the majority of our staff members live in the neighboring villages of Vivili and Naidi, we alternate between the two offering each the additional revenue for improvements that benefit the entire village.

Accompanied by singing, chanting, clapping and the steady beat of the lali drum, the dancers, dressed in traditional costumes, perform with fans and sticks depicting stories of every day life or historical battles won.

Make sure your camera batteries are fully charged because this is one event you will want to video and share with family and friends when you get back home a truly memorable experience!

meke at Namale Fijimeke at Namale Fiji

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