Namale Resort & Spa Ultimate Love Story Contest Winner Announced

In celebration of Valentine’s Day this year we decided that Namale Resort & Spa would host an Ultimate Love Story Contest and we could not have been more thrilled with the response and positive feedback! At the close of the love story entry period we received over 100 love story submissions from across the nation, each with their own unique & beautiful story.

Our panel of judges reviewed each story, judging them on creativity, originality, romance & emotion to narrow down the entries to the Top 15 love stories. These top 15 stories were then posted for the public to vote on, and after thousands of votes were casted we are excited to announce the winner of the Ultimate Love Story Contest…



Congratulations to Aaron and Mindy Evans , pictured here with their beautiful family, who submitted their love story which was creative, fun, unique & most of all…romantic!




Roses are red

Violet are blue
Here’s a love story
I’ll tell it to you

It all began
As a simple Blind Date
Who would have guessed?
It must have been fate!

He was so handsome!
She, a bit shy
He swept her right off her feet
What a guy!

In not time at all
They were engaged right away
Then came the wedding
What a beautiful day!

Life was perfect it seemed
They were newlywed’s soon
But with college and bills
There was no honeymoon.

“We will go on one next year’
They said with a tease
But life can get busy
If you know what I mean!

One year turned to two
Then came a sweet little son.
“When he’s a bit older
We’ll go somewhere fun!”

Well, you know what came next?
A wonderful brother!
Then a sister so sweet
Then a boy, YES ANOTHER!

Wow! Life couldn’t get
Much better than this
Four beautiful children
To hug and to kiss!

And just when we thought
Life would start to slow down
Heaven sent us one more
Little girl to have around!

And so, here we are
Almost 20 years later
With 5 beautiful children
Life couldn’t be greater!

He still rocks her world
After all of these years
Through the good and the sad
Through the laughter and tears

But it sure would be nice
Even later than sooner
To finally be……
A real “Honeymooner”!

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