Tee Off at Viedelana Golf Course

golf at Namale Fiji

Guests of Namale Resort & Spa can now enjoy our Veidelana (Fijian for Mountain View) Golf Course. We are so exited to make this activity available to our guests as yet another part of our all-inclusive Fiji vacation package.

This nine-hole course had a rocky start as it was maintained by a grounds team who had never even seen a golf course before. On arrival at Namale in June 2009, Ron Gratzinger, Co-General Manager of Namale, put his passion for golf into action and educated and trained the golf course grounds team to maintain the course in tip-top condition. Granted, Augusta doesn’t have to worry that we’ll lure The Masters away from them, but it has developed into a beautiful little course.

golf at Namale Fiji

Since June, our nine-hole course has evolved now offering 18 separate tee boxes to give the player an 18-hole experience fully utilizing our nine holes. All are three and four par holes with a total par of 64. We’ve added seven sand bunkers scattered throughout offering distinctly individual challenges depending on whether your approach is from the first nine or the back nine. This is a course you want to play short and straight, because the rough in the tropics can be really rough. It’s even a good idea to toss a few extra golf balls in your bag before coming so you’ll have a few extra to toss in your golf bag before playing. If you can play a round without losing a ball, you’ve really accomplished something!

golf at Namale Fiji

However, losing a ball gives the less serious competitor the time and opportunity to really take in the scenery. The lily pond with its bright pink, purple and white flowers is quite lovely and often populated with ducks. You will likely spot the two large blue heron that live on the golf course, as well. A couple of the holes take you across a lively spring that runs through the lush foliage of the course and the wider expanses are dotted with towering palm trees. It is a unique and heady golfing experience.

A comical thing has happened since the early education of our golf course grounds team. When it is their break time, you’ll likely see them flipping through one of Ron’s golf magazines studying how golf courses around the globe are maintained, while Ron is on one of the mowers making sure everything is manicured to spec. Well, as much as this tropical climate – where everything grows like mad – will allow, anyway.

golf at Namale Fiji

While Namale Resort & Spa is not a golf destination, what fun it is to knock a few balls around in such a unique setting! We’ll be waiting for you at the 19th hole for cocktails at the Main Bure!

Accommodation Unique Award

“This category awards exclusive properties which offer the finest location emphasizing
exemplary and personalized service standards to enhance the Fiji Tourism experience.”

aon at Namale Fijiaon at Namale Fiji

The Judges Citation contained the following statement:

Namale”s unique approach to design & innovation has seen the resort receive recognition as
having the Ultimate #1 Honeymoon Suites in Fiji which lead to being voted #5 in the world
and as having the “Most Sexiest Villas” in the South Pacific. Namale has a comprehensive
range of innovative combined ocean and land based activities and is the only resort in
Fiji that has a water trampoline, Golf Simulator and 2 ten-pin bowling alleys, taking the
guest experience to a new level. With their commitment to sustainable tourism and the
active participation and support for the community, Namale has worked extensively on
community outreach programs, educational scholarships, free transportation for school
children and the funding of road and electrical infrastructures of the neighboring villages
of Vivili and Naidi.

Authentic Fijian Meke

meke at Namale Fijimeke at Namale Fiji

In Fijian culture, the meke is a traditional dance held at important functions for visiting dignitaries and in celebration. Namale Resort & Spa regularly schedules a meke for the entertainment of our guests. Since the majority of our staff members live in the neighboring villages of Vivili and Naidi, we alternate between the two offering each the additional revenue for improvements that benefit the entire village.

Accompanied by singing, chanting, clapping and the steady beat of the lali drum, the dancers, dressed in traditional costumes, perform with fans and sticks depicting stories of every day life or historical battles won.

Make sure your camera batteries are fully charged because this is one event you will want to video and share with family and friends when you get back home a truly memorable experience!

meke at Namale Fijimeke at Namale Fiji

Merry Christmas from Namale

Urata Village children's choir

We began our Christmas Eve celebrations with roving cocktails at various venues throughout the property. Our wizard Papa Kele mixed up different magical holiday concoctions at every location. Upon arrival at Dream House, our Grand Villa, we were treated to Christmas carols sung by the award winning Urata Village children’s choir backlit by a most spectacular sunset. We fully expected to see them extend snowy white wings for they looked and sounded like angels.

Following the choir was our Fijian Storyteller – one of our dive masters, Paul, who shared a very entertaining version of “The Night Before Christmas” – Fijian style. We all laughed as his story conjured images of bures, geckos, fruit bats and a kava drinking Santa in board shorts!

Fijian family Christmas Eve meal

Awaiting us at Duavata Beach was a magnificent bonfire next to which our lovo had been cooking in an earth oven all afternoon. Wrapped in banana leaves and coconut palm fronds and surrounded by fiery hot creek stones was chicken, fish, pork and traditional root vegetables: dalo (taro) and cassava (tapioca). Soon our Fijian family meal (lovo) was unearthed and displayed with several other offerings such Palusami: taros leaves baked in coconut cream, kokoda: the freshest fish marinated in lime juice and seasonings; and Vakasos: ripe plantains with shredded coconut and coconut cream for our Christmas Eve feast. Papa Kele provided us with his latest Christmas cocktail and we settled in around a large table with lanterns and fairy lights all aglow. It was an evening of sparkling lights, sparkling champagne and sparkling conversation. By the night’s end it was evident that the infectious nature of the Namale experience had wrapped us all in its warm embrace.

Fijian Santa Rups

Not to be outdone, we were all greeted upon arrival for breakfast on Christmas morn at the Main Bure by Santa Rups (the jolly alter-ego of our F&B manager, Rupeni) who not only instantly put a grin on everyone’s face but also presented each couple with a token of special significance in Fijian culture – a carved wooden Tabua. The Tabua is highly regarded in Fijian culture. The ceremonial whale’s tooth with a coconut fiber cord attached at either end is traditionally presented at important ceremonies such as weddings, births and funerals. And, in this case to our guests as a token by which to always remember a very special Christmas shared with their new Fijian family at Namale.